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Happy Massage Oils. V1.0We created Happy Massage Oils as a result of the extensive history, research, cross-continent belief and the tried and true evidence that Mother Nature herself is the single largest provider of healing agents for the body and mind.

Much of the information you need and want about pure essential oils you can find here at Happy Massage Oils. However, before trying any oil, we’d like to provide you with as much information as possible in order to ensure that you select the right oils for you and that you use them responsibly. As with any product that has medicinal properties, please make sure to check with a specialist in the field before using any oil to treat any ailment.
At Happy Massage Oils you will find a wealth of information about the various types of oils, their uses, benefits, and the effects they will have on your skin and overall body. You will discover the seemingly magical properties in how these oils improve the health of your skin, body and even your frame of mind. One of the ways to learn about these oils is to look back to the times of Ancient Egypt, where world-known healers utilized their engineering skills, their curiosity, focus and tenacity to harness knowledge about the highly effective medicinal powers contained in these oils and to deliver their findings to the generations that would come.  
Happy Massage Oils. V1.0At Happy Massage Oils we hope to teach you about the lasting beauty and inner health achieved by both women and men who use these oils. Whether it be the calming effects to the mind, the glowing and radiant skin, the lustrous hair, strong nails and overall renewed youthful appearance, these are just some of the beauty goals that are easily obtained with pure essential oils by men and women at every age and at any stage of life.
When our hair and scalp are damaged by environmental factors such as pollutants, sun, chemicals, dry indoor air, permanent dyes and strong shampoos, a good healthy rinse with any number of essential oils can be the answer to bringing that gorgeous and healthy luster, that should be in your hair, back to life.
These pure essential oils can obviously be used for many different things but one of the most common associations with the word “oils” is the use of them during massage. Another common association for “oils” is their use during sex, love-making or any highly intimate experience. Now although these pure essential oils have powerful medicinal properties and can be used to treat any number of problems and ailments, they also happen to be a wonderful enhancement to any physical, sexual or highly romantic encounter. As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with some wonderful sensual and erotic recipes to heighten these sexual experiences and to do so safely.


As with any product containing medicinal properties, it is very important that you are well informed of not only the benefits of essential oils but also of their possible side effects. This will ensure that you are selecting the right oils for yourself and that you are using them responsibly. With that said, please read more about pure essential oil safety.

 Acne is another stubborn problem that has caused suffering in many for centuries. Tea tree oil is highly regarded for its natural bacteria-fighting properties. This major player in the fight against acne has proved to be one of the best re-discoveries of the century. Click here to read more about the acne cure Tea Tree Oil.


Read more about the affects of these essential oils on the many parts of the body, such as the skin, nail, hair, its affect on shoulder pain, headaches, leg pain and much more.
Happy Massage Oils is here to guide you on the various uses of pure essential oils and how best to use them as a tool to improve your health. Please enjoy the site and come back to us as often as you wish - and please feel free to share any of your thoughts, findings and/or suggestions with us!

Happy Massage Oils always appreciates this kind of feedback. We know that there are many of you out there who have good information to share and we are on a mission to provide you with the most up to date information and best service possible


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